Vibrant Location

It is Located in Almaty – The most vibrant city of Kazakhstan.


Mess & Hostel Facility

Separate mess both for the boys and girls with the hostel facilities.


English Medium

We Offer all the programs in English Medium.


International Collaboration

International collaboration with other top Medical Colleges.


Practical Knowledge

Study is more focused on Practical Knowledge.


Separate Hostel Facility

Separate hostels both for the boys and girls.


International Medical School (IMS)

The International Medical School (IMS), embraces the principle that mirrors the values of the medical profession. Many students look for an MBBS college in foreign countries with similar standards of education, MBBS in Kazakhstan gives a lot of opportunity to the students willing to pursue MBBS abroad. IMS is providing General Medicine - 5 years MD Course in English Medium. This Course is equivalent to M.B.B.S. program in India.

It is advanced Medical Degree Program, which will be focused more on Practical Skills & will provide the knowledge in Latest Medical Technologies. MBBS in Kazakhstan is very affordable as compared to UK, US, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ukraine etc. Thousands of students from India apply every year to get MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan due to the lowest fee package for MBBS and reasonable cost of living.

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Our Mission & Vision

IMS has created to study an innovative curriculum at medical school, constantly strives for the excellent responds and incorporates changes in medical knowledge and practical. Its’s aim is to turn new scientific knowledge in medical school for students, so in future they can serve better health for patients and population throughout the world. The medical school aim is to foster the most effective academic, clinical education, research and environment possible.

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About Almaty

Almaty is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the largest city of the country. It’s the gateway of many travelers who start their journey in the country. It served as the capital during the Soviet Union and six years after independence in 1991. Almaty is built on a slope via which travelers can easily navigate the city. It is in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Ala-Tau Mountains. Almaty remains most developed, most ethnically and culturally diverse city in Kazakhstan. The name Almaty comes from the Kazakh name ‘Alma-Ata’, which means ‘father of apples’. It is believed that the Almaty region is the birthplace of the first apple on earth.

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