IMS Scholarship Program 2021

IMS Scholarship program has been started for giving opportunity to Talented students, who has dream to become a Doctor. Our goal is to provide support to those students who are talented but are financially weak to afford their medical studies expenses in abroad. International Medical School (IMS) offers this scholarship for Indian students who really need this. These scholarships are awarded to talented students in India to pursue MBBS in International medical School (IMS). To apply for IMS scholarship program, the student who has more than 90% marks in 12th are also eligible to get a 25% scholarship in 1st year but the scholarship will be provided on the basis of their academic performance.The student who has more than 525 marks in NEET, can get a 25% scholarship in 1st year. We understand the value of your hard work & dedication towards your career. By giving scholarship, we also want to give respect to those Parents & guardians who are doing their best to achieve their child’s dreams.

We have designed our scholarship program in such a way that, every student gets an equal chance for it. There are 3 criteria for our Scholarship program. At the entry level- on the basis of NEET Score & 12th/Higher secondary level marks. By this, we want to give chance to all applicants at the time of admission. In this way we can also attract the good talents to IMS. During the study period, we want to promote healthy education environment by giving scholarship to top 5 students having best academic performances. By the time, these all efforts will help us to establish better quality of education & best environment for education in IMS.