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Suncar Medical Center

Suncar Medical Center is one of the largest clinics network in Kazakhstan. Since 2007, Suncar Medical Center is successfully engaged in supplying Hi-tech medical equipments (including radiological) and labs. We also provide qualified service and quality training for experts to operate equipment we supplied.

The Mission of Suncar Medical Center is aimed to improve and modernize the technical equipment of the medical centres by providing the highly skilled experts with the most modern medical equipment and the lab .Our primary goal is focused on providing the best technologies and products from all over the world to the public and private market in Kazakhstan.

Suncar Medical Center owns an educational centre for the training of the experts, who work on the medical and laboratory equipment. The personnel of Suncar Medical Center consists of highly skilled physicians, service engineers, managers, architects who have been passed the international training on the hospitals of our partners in Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Korea etc.

On the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan Suncar Medical Center introduced the new technologies in the following areas:

  • 1. Functional Diagnostics (such as computer processing and data transmission of electrocardiogram and EEG over distances)
  • 2. Gynecology (continuous monitoring of foetus-uterine-placental blood circulation)
  • 3. Endocrinology (an insulin pump – is the modern method of insulin supplying in the human body). • Rentgenology (digitization of X-ray images on film and its transmission over distances)
  • 4. Somnology (diagnostics and treatment of sleep disturbances)

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